Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an effective way to create brand awareness and build a loyal repeat customer base. A consistent social media branding message will establish frequency and resonate with your target audience to further develop the bond between the brand and the consumer. Remember people do not just buy brands, they join them!

Engage Consumers & Control Conversations

Creative social media marketing creates brand advocates and followers that will turn into a compounding loyal repeat customer base. Social media marketing allows you to engage consumers and control conversations that are already taking place. For more information about social media marketing plans please contact us today.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Social Media Platform Consistency

Designing a consistent social media marketing campaign throughout every social platform will develop brand awareness, brand character, brand quality and brand affinity. To achieve awareness the brand must be relevant to the audience. This consumer relevancy will create a strong bond with all constituent groups.

Complete Social Media Management: Total Market Exposure provide comprehensive social media marketing and management. Our experienced social media experts monitor comments, posts, traffic, and all other aspects of the social campaign. Social media marketing requires regular interaction and correspondence with followers. Please contact us for more information about social media management or click here.

Facebook Advertising: Facebook has over 900 million individual users that view more than 1 Trillion pages per month! Facebook business pages have the unique ability to retain traffic forever. We create customized Facebook campaigns that include advanced demographic targeting, engaging calls to action, personalized profile pictures, custom landing pages, intuitive display ads, custom fan pages, unique Facebook URLs, and much more. To view examples of our latest custom Facebook page designs click here.

YouTube-The Power Of Video: YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world directly behind We customize our clientele’s YouTube channels so the brand is properly represented. Next, we create memorable videos that will attract new customers and ensure current customers become patrons. This consistent brand message will establish frequency and resonate with the target audience to further develop the bond between the brand and the consumer. To view examples of our latest custom YouTube channel designs and YouTube integration click here.

Twitter: Twitter gets more than 1.6 Billion searches per-day with over 75% of traffic to the site coming from sources outside of In the United States over 30% of Twitter users have an average household income of $100k or more. Twitter also produces 600 Million search queries per-day. These staggering statistics prove that Twitter is a social media platform that cannot be ignored. We customize and manage our clientele’s Twitter accounts so the brand is properly represented. To view examples of our latest custom Twitter page designs and social media integration click here.

Google+: Google+ is an up and coming social media platform that is growing rapidly. Google+ reached over 20 Million users in less than 24 days of its release! This continues to solidify the fact that social media is one of the most powerful tools available. Social media platforms allow you the ability to retain traffic and create brand awareness. Our team of social media professionals design comprehensive social campaigns that will give you a strategic tactical advantage.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is designed to provide an environment for business professionals to communicate. Joining LinkedIn is like participating in a global business networking and referral group. LinkedIn also offers business owners the ability to find well qualified employees through their resume feature. Our team of social media specialists will help you maximize exposure on every social media platform including LinkedIn.

Pinterest Marketing: Total Market Exposure provides creative Pinterest management solutions. We can help you take advantage of the Pinterest phenomenon and manage all of your Pinterest activity. Pinterest marketing and advertising falls under the social media management umbrella. Social media marketing changes everyday and we understand this fact. Every social media management campaign is custom tailored to your business needs and if that includes Pinterest, you got it! For more information about Pinterest advertising, Pinterest management or Pinterest tracking please contact us today.

Other: There are thousands of social media and social networking websites that can be used to maximize exposure. We provide Total Market Exposure including all necessary social media solutions. Our team of experienced social media professionals will design a customized social campaign that penetrate all desired demographics. We will capture your consumers attention and create unparallelled brand awareness that will help you achieve market prowess.

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For more information about social media marketing plans please contact us directly.

Social Media Integration

After the custom social media campaign is designed and developed we integrate every social platform within all existing collateral, both online and offline. Our social media marketing campaigns are completely transparent so you always know what you are paying for and where your money is going.  We understand that your business and target markets may change rapidly or from season to season so having the ability to make changes or adjustments in real time is a crucial part when creating your successful social media marketing campaign. Unlike other online advertising agencies, we develop every aspect of your social media marketing campaign with you. Having complete creative control means satisfaction is guaranteed! For more information about social media marketing plans please contact us today.