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Starting out purely as a Search Engine Marketing company in 2008, we have since grown our talented staff of designers, developers, writers, and advertising specialists. Our company now offers a wide array of online marketing services as well as print and multimedia marketing.

The Total Market Exposure family is passionate about the success of our clients. Give us a call or email to talk to us about your business' marketing needs.

About Total Market Exposure

Total Market Exposure is made up of a unique combination of artists, developers, sales staff, writers, and Internet advertising veterans. The diversity of our team members' skill sets allows us to specialize in a wide selection of Internet-based marketing services. Our varied backgrounds and educations also provide us with unique perspectives to approach problem solving from a variety of angles, and produce the most effective and creative solutions possible. We love to work locally but are just as comfortable working on a national level and beyond as our testimonials will show.


At Total Market Exposure, being accountable means delivering work on-time, according to your specifications and within your budget. We have proudly developed the habit of under-promising and over delivering to ensure our customer's satisfaction. Our team works diligently and takes pride in completing all projects with the utmost care. If you’re ready for a refreshing change, then you have come to the right place.


Transparency in relationships is the age old concept of being candidly open and without guile. We believe in these qualities and therefore provide defined costs and deliverables with progress reports to enable our clients to make informed decisions in real time. We are vested in our clients’ success; if a marketing strategy is not working to improve your bottom line, it is not working for us.


Bottom-line results are important to every company; investing in marketing should ensure those results, not threaten them. Our team provides regular reports that highlight the work performed, how your budget was allocated, and what progress was made. This transparency and accountability makes it easy to see exactly what is going on and what results you are receiving from your investment.

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