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It is widely known that Facebook is now the most visited website on the internet. While some are hesitant to take advantage of the advertising opportunity others are capitalizing on the unique advertising platform which is Facebook. When considering any new advertising, the costs are always a primary concern. One thing that tends to turn people away from Facebook advertising is the inaccessibility of Facebook staff. Facebook wont work with you directly unless your budget is over $25,000/mo. Total Market Exposure specializes in helping clients who would like to receive the benefit of social media marketing on Facebook, without spending $25,000 per month. Facebook Advertising Costs are relative to the amount of traffic you are attempting to get. Facebook Advertising with Total Market Exposure is flexible. We have custom Facebook Advertising Packages for every budget.

Facebook Advertising Packages

Some common questions about Facebook Advertising is “Should I use CPM or CPC?” and “How does click through rate affect cost per click?” Many of our clients ask, “What kinds of Facebook ads are successful?” and “Can I target my ads by age, gender, interest workplace?” These questions are all relevant and we can help you find the answers. We have custom Facebook Advertising Packages which allow our clients to ramp up during busy months (i.e January for Tax Consultants). Our custom Facebook Advertising Packages range from a couple hundred dollars a month to several thousand depending on your goals and marketing budget.

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Total Market Exposure offers full service Facebook marketing packages which can increase traffic to your site, build a fan base and generate more leads and conversions. Our experienced Facebook professionals can create a Facebook profile for your business and depending on your campaign we can also contribute content to your business pages wall posts. Having your own business profile is critical to establishing your presence on the biggest social network online. A Facebook profile page that is complete and maintained improves customer engagement, business branding and keeps your message in front of your target market, every time they log in. With such an amazing opportunity, the cost of advertising on Facebook should be a side note to what could be a great way to increase your Advertising ROI.

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