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Retargeting Banner Advertising Company

Banner Ad Retargeting Retargeting Banner Advertising Company Double your ROI with banner ad retargeting. Our clients have seen a dramatic increase in sales, conversions and ROI with our banner ad retargeting campaigns. Retargeting works in conjunction with other advertising channels and medium to increases the ROI of each of your other marketing channels. Retargeting banner…

Facebook Advertising Costs

Facebook Advertising Strategies It is widely known that Facebook is now the most visited website on the internet. While some are hesitant to take advantage of the advertising opportunity others are capitalizing on the unique advertising platform which is Facebook. When considering any new advertising, the costs are always a primary concern. One thing that…

Multiple Ads

With Total Market Exposure Banner Advertising you will be able to display multiple ads on multiple networks. Our multiple banner ads can alternate and split testing can be done to optimize your banner ad campaign further. With ads on every major network you are able to achieve greater market depth and ultimately higher ROI. Return…

Alternating Banners

Alternating Banner Ads display in an alternating pattern that allows us to track which ones are getting clicked on and which ones are not. This allows us to focus our efforts on successful ads and make modifications to the ones that aren’t performing as well. Return to Facebook Advertising Information Return to Banner Advertising Information

Customized Banners

Total Market Exposure designs custom banners for free with every banner advertising campaign. Our custom banners are designed by skilled and experienced graphic designers and advertising specialists. Banners can be static or animated and displayed on target market networks. Return to Banner Advertising Information

Demographic Targeting

Demographic Targeting allows us to advertise custom banners to people who are have similar interests to your company, product or services. We do this through demographic targeting with Facebook advertising and Banner Ads on select Google network sites. Return to Facebook Advertising Information Return to Banner Advertising Information

Network Targeting

Network Targeting allows us to advertise banners to people who have similar interest to your services. Banner advertisements can be featured on social networks like Facebook and MySpace or shopping sites like eBay or Overstock.com as well as other networks like Zillow.com, About.com, HGTV.com, and thousands of other relevant websites throughout the entire Google and…