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Gmail Updated – New Look & Features

Gmail Updated For quite a long time many, many users have been begging to get Gmail updated.  More tech-savvy people in the past had to turn to scripts such as Gmail Redesigned in order to get a better look and more functionality via on-page load CSS styling through plugins. Now, users can finally experience that…

Google Gains Patents From Motorola

Last week Google Bought Patent Powerhouse Motorola for $12.5 billion in the hopes that their patents would stave off all the suits against Android platform and its partners. Motorola has 17,000 registered patents and then they have another 7,500 patents pending.

Is Google Growing To Fast?

Google is the Internets biggest index of content, the largest search engine, it has the largest online text ads program, the biggest source of video content, they are the source of traffic and data analysis for millions of websites, they are the third biggest email provider, the only player in “real time,” they have the second biggest blogging platform, the biggest mapping software…and the list goes on and on.

Google Related

Google Related What Is Google Related? Google Related is a Google Toolbar that shows up on the bottom of your screen when you are preforming a search. This feature provides you with more information on the topic or interest that you are looking for without leaving the original website! How Does Google Related Work? Using…