What is Responsive Web Design?

The definition of Responsive Web Design (RWD), also know as Responsiveness, is the process of developing web properties to be cross compatible with multiple screen sizes across a wide range of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, etc.).

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Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Investing in a responsive website is a great idea for business owners who want to take advantage of the ever growing mobile market. More and more consumers are using various mobile devices at multiple stages within the buying process. In fact, mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing segments within the digital marketing realm and in 2013 “time spent with digital media among US adults surpassed time spent with TV for the first time – with mobile driving the shift.” This trend will continue with mobile usage expected to grow 23% this year. (1)

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Responsive Websites vs Mobile Websites

Having a responsive website may also mitigate the need for an additional investment in a mobile website version or mobile app because the responsiveness will allow users to interact on all devices. In addition, unlike mobile websites and apps that tend to remove or abbreviate important content, responsive websites give visitors access to your entire website. This may lead to a better overall user experience because they can access all of your content. For eCommerce websites, responsiveness improves conversion by displaying product purchase pages in the most optimal layout so they can navigate more easily and see what they are buying.

Mobile Responsive Website Design Portland, Oregon

How does Responsiveness Work?

Responsive websites adapt your website layout according to the screen size and capabilities of the device being used. Websites designed with responsiveness will resize or arrange images, navigation, content, and other elements for optimum viewing performance. This is done using flexible fluid formulas that respond to viewing screen size and device capabilities of the device rather than using rigid size units such as pixels.

Source: Mobile Continues to Steal Share of US Adults’ Daily Time Spent with Media

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