A Call To Action

CALL TO ACTIONIt can be difficult for some businesses to find a good quality call to action. As many of our readers know, there is a careful balance that must be achieved with a call to action. If you are not careful, a call to action can become intrusive or infective. For instance if you go the infomercial high pressure salesperson route, you may end up with less conversions than you would have had by not including any call to action. Sometimes the availability of a phone number or email address is a call to action in itself. Other forms of inherent calls to action include links to “Add To Cart” (for eCommerce Websites), “View Listings” (for Real Estate Websites) or any form of interaction that leads to conversions. Depending on your business type, an unorthodox call to action can possibly increase conversions. It may be worth a shot trying an A/B Test (Split Test) to see which call to action performs better than others.

Sometimes conversational wording can be more effective by making your business seem less intrusive. Offering multiple options for conversion is also important. Perhaps you want someone to buy, but getting someone to fill out a contact form to ask a buying question can also be considered a form of conversion. Now you have their information and you have an opportunity to sell them. Also giving a variety of options allows people to use their preferred method for contacting you. Some people prefer email for communication, while others like using the phone.

We experienced this first hand when building an eCommerce website for a client of ours who sells flags and flag poles. His target demographic is largely comprised of elderly and aging Americans. Many of the people in this demographic prefer to make orders over the phone. Initially we didn’t ensure that the phone number was readily available on every page of the website. This resulted in a number of complaints from long time customers who were used to being able to find the phone number more easily. We quickly made the change and the complaints ceased to come in.

Another form of call to action which is subtle involves building trust. Many companies require permits and certifications to work in their field. Often stating that you are licensed, bonded and insured is a form of call to action in itself. What does a statement like this do? It builds trust, that if an individual hires you for your services, the job will be done to code and they will be safe in their investment, even if something were to go wrong. There are many different types of certifications and partnerships to capitalize on for nearly every industry. If you have any questions about how we can improve conversions on your website through Call To Action Analysis give us a call at 1-877-340-6319. Thanks for reading, we hope you found the information to be informative and helpful.

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