ViewTrakr Reviews

ViewTrakr is a revolutionary marketing platform that’s been getting a lot of buzz around the Web lately and there’s a good reason for it.  They’ve created a sharing program unlike any other we’ve seen before.  ViewTrakr has developed a video based sharing platform that encourages networking, sharing and watching videos…but they also pay you to do it!

ViewTrakr gives people or businesses a way to promote any product or service through the use of videos.  They can be anything from homemade videos or testimonials to professionally created commercials.  When you sign up for the service, you get points for each video you view and share.  You can also get your friends and family to sign up as part of your network.  For each video they share and view, you gain extra points.

For those businesses looking to gain extra exposure online, ViewTrakr is a great way to get your videos in front of thousands of people.  If your business has a product or service that can be featured in videos, this may be a great product for promoting your business and gaining a lot of exposure.  You’ll create your own custom page within the Viewtrakr sharing platform, where everyone can view your videos and see what your business has to offer.  If they’re interested in your business or products, there’s a  link directly to your website, which can help you gain more traffic and conversions.



The ViewTrakr compensation plan provides a number of ways in which you get paid.  Team commissions, weekly bonuses, up-front bonuses, profit sharing, check matching and residual income all come together to maximize your earning potential.  All-in-all, there are 18 different ways to get paid!

If you’re interested in advertising your company with ViewTrakr, we can get you started and help customize your page for you.  Contact us today for more information!

By Michael Singleterry