Top Ten HTML5 Resources

HTML5 LogoHTML5 and CSS3 are changing the future of web design. If you are new to HTML5 or if you are just looking to brush up on your skills the following resources should help you. This list of HTML5 Resources is designed to help both beginners and expert developers alike. Please read our comments at the bottom of the list about contributing to the list if you have links to other resources. Thanks for reading.

1. HTML5 Rocks – HTML5 Rocks is a great resource for for web designers that want to learn about how to apply HTML5 to development on websites and applications. It is updated frequently and includes videos & instructions for how to implement HTML5 with examples and demonstrations.

HTML5 Rocks

2. HTML5 & Friends – Brought to you by Mozilla, this site provides a great selection of information, tools and HTML5 resources that will aid you in developing with the programming language. Read documents, watch demonstrations and practice developing on HTML5 & Friends.

HTML5 & Friends

3. HTML5 Introduction – Technically this is included in the last resource listed however this is nearly as important as the entirety of the last resource. This introduction to HTML5 will help web designers and developers that are new to HTML5 with getting the basics correct from the start.

HTML5 Introduction

4. HTML5 Doctor – Find articles on just about everything HTML related. Including an HTML5 Element Index, Q&A, Article Archive and frequently updated posts the HTML5 Doctor is a great resource for web designers and web developers working in HTML5. Bookmark this page if you ever plan on working in HTML5.

HTML5 Doctor

5. Net Magazine – Tutorials and a ton of information on HTML5 including a lot of great tools for playing music, video embed, animations, and much more. Not only a great resource for news and information on HTML5 but a lot of other web development news and information as well. Bookmark this one for sure.

HTML5 .Net

6. HTML5 Cheat Sheet – Brought to you by Smashing Magazine this resource is a printable PDF cheat sheet that includes all currently supported tags, descriptions about them and what they do as well as all attributes and their support in HTML4. A must have for anyone working in HTML5.

HTML5 Cheat Sheet

7. Real World CSS3 – A great compilation of HTML5 and CSS3 Resources for web developers and designers. A must bookmark website for anyone developing in HTML5. The website isn’t pretty and the organization isn’t all that good but it has some of the best resources for developing in HTML5.

HTML5 & CSS3 Resources for Designers

8. HTML Goodies – More good resources for HTML5 Developers. Some overlap with our list here but it includes some valuable information and a great perspective from designers who have worked with HTML5 a lot. Other information on the site is great for beginners and markup experts alike.

HTML5 Goodies

9. HTML5 Examples – Amazing examples of how to use HTML5 exceptionally. You cant compile a list of great HTML5 resources without including some examples. Use it for inspiration or use it to learn. Bookmark it and come back later to check out all the different ways that HTML5 can improve user experience online.

HTML5 Examples

10. HTML5 Please – Last but not least. Look up HTML5, CSS3, etc features, know if they are ready for use, and if so find out how you should use them – with polyfills, fallbacks or as they are. This is a great tool to use during development.

HTML5 Please

We hope you find these resources useful. Good luck while you are developing, we wish you the best in all your projects. Please feel free to comment if you believe there is a resource that we missed. We will be adding and updating to the list as time goes on including an honorable mention section. Also if you happen to find a blog post or article on HTML5 that you think would be valuable to add to our list please comment below with information about it. Thank you for reading and contributing.