To Each Their Own – Outdoor Adventures

Businesses that provide a unique adventure for customers are becoming increasingly popular. It seems that more people are making an effort to get outside and try new things. These businesses range all across the board from bungee jumping to skydiving and white water rafting to mountain biking. No matter what unique adventure your business provides, it’s important to create a marketing plan that reaches out and makes clients want to utilize your services.

Web Design

It’s important that you properly display what it is that your company provides. A great way of ensuring that you get the message across is to have a well designed website. You want a website that displays not only the adventures you provide, but helps visitors see why they should use your company for their next adventure. Your website needs to be well designed to showcase what the customer should expect in their experience. This can be done by providing plenty of photos and videos, documenting the adventures others have had with you.

Adding pictures and videos to your adventure site is an important aspect of attracting new clientele. People looking to go on their next adventure want to see what they’ll be experiencing. Being able to browse your photo galleries and watch your videos allows them to take a look at others having fun and feeling the exhilaration of what you provide. This allows them to get excited for what they might feel and the fun times that await them.

Social Media Marketing

With the growing popularity of social media websites, there’s a great opportunity to get your business in front of people. Nowadays, when someone has a great experience, they document as much of it as they can on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. When you have a Facebook page, it allows them to make comments about their experience, “tag” you in their posts and “share” that they “like” your page with friends and family. When someone sees how much fun their friends are having, they’ll want to try it as well and they’ll know exactly where to go for that experience. With your page linked in their friend’s status, they’ll be able to click on your page and contact you immediately.

A social media marketing campaign will help get you in front of new clients and allows you to remind other clients that you’re still around. When someone “likes” your Facebook page, anything you post will be displayed to them on their “News Feed”. This provides a unique opportunity to inform them of new adventures or specials you’re offering, any time you want.


Other marketing techniques include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Placement (PPC – Pay Per Click) for your website. SEO is a technique which, over time, helps your website appear towards the front of search engine result pages. There are many tools that we use in order to boost your website’s ranking so that your site will get a higher position in search results. This technique can take some time for results to appear, but the results should be very effective in the long run.

PPC is a technique used to “purchase” ad space above the organic search results. With PPC, you designate specific keywords or phrases. When someone searches for your keywords, a link to your website will appear in the “Sponsored Ad” area on Google’s search result page. Then if someone clicks on your link, you pay a specific predetermined amount of money for that site visit. This technique can be a very effective way to attract new business and is usually recommended while also implementing an SEO campaign.

At Total Market Exposure, we’re highly successful with implementing all of these techniques. We’re able to take you from start to finish by designing an incredible website, then immediately implementing your Social Media, SEO and PPC campaigns so you can start to see results. Please contact us today to discuss your options for moving forward.