How Does PPC Work?

How Does Search Engine Placement Work?

Search Engine Placement is also known as PPC advertising (Pay-Per-Click). PPC ads are paid advertisements that appear on search result page(s) known in the industry as Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). PPC ads appear in the form of text ads with hypertext links, display banner ads, image ads, and/or various types of video ads that direct potential customers to a predetermined landing page. Search engines and network websites allocate sponsored areas and regions specifically for PPC ads. These areas tend to appear in the upper region or shaded section at the top or right hand column of major search engines.

PPC Ad Rank & Page Position

One misconception about PPC ad page position is that “your keyword bid determines ad position.” It is true that the keyword bid will effect ad position, however, Google assesses many other factors which ultimately determine what is known as “Ad Rank.” The PPC Ad Rank is based on your bid and your website’s Quality Score which refers to the estimated relevancy of your ad, keyword, and landing page in relation to search query. Ad Rank is assessed every time a search query is performed and strategic changes can increase ad rank without increasing what you spend.

DIY Google Adwords Tips

Here are a few great tips that DIY business owners and marketing directors can use to increase ad page position without spending more money.
Google Adwords PPC Keyword Targeting

Improving Ad Rank & Page Position:

  • Create New, More Relevant Ads
  • Direct Traffic to Relevant Landing Page
  • Raise CTR Through Keyword Matching
  • Eliminate Wasteful Spend w/ Negative Keywords
  • Fine-Tune Targeting Settings to Improve CTR
  • Adjust Campaign Settings


Reduce Waste & Get More Qualified Customers

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