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Facebook has officially launched the Facebook App Center with over 600 apps including many popular apps such as Nike+ GPS, Pinterest, Hulu, Yelp, Spotify, Ubisoft Ghost Recon Commander, iHeart Radio, and Facebook’s newly acquired Instagram. The Facebook App Center is accessible on the web from a desktop or laptop and from your mobile browser in both iOS and Android devices. Users also have the ability to send apps to their mobile devices directly from the web using the “send to mobile” feature.

Facebook App Center Review

One of the best features the Facebook App Center has, is the personalized recommendations. With so many apps to choose from these days, it’s nice to have all of them organized and easy to find. Another great functionality is the “send to mobile” feature. Although I have a 4G LTE Droid RAZR Maxx smartphone, when I am traveling I do not always have 4G service. And as you probably know, searching for and downloading is always easier when you have faster internet. I use my smartphone for everything but I like having the option of using my desktop computer to search through all of the available apps. The last thing that really stood out to me is that you can select whether you are looking for a Facebook Timeline App or a mobile app. This is great because there are a few apps I link to have on my Facebook Timeline but I don’t want on my phone and this feature takes care of that problem. This is a real game changer for Facebook because it shows their ability to grow and make positive changes amidst competition. Overall, I like the new Facebook App Center and I am very confident that Facebook will continue to evolve and stay relevant.

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