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Last year Google announced the addition of “Adwords for video” to their sponsored ad program. It comes as no surprise that Google Adwords for video is “Powered by YouTube,” seeing how Google Inc. purchased YouTube for $1.65 Billion back in 2006. Since then,  YouTube has grown to be the second largest search engine in the world directly behind and it is the third largest site in the world. YouTube has grown so big that over 3 BILLION video are viewed every day!

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Google Makes Video Advertising Easy

Google Adwords for video has made it relatively easy to get started by creating 4 different formats and 4 different ways to distribute your video ads that they are calling “TrueView” video ads. There is TrueView In-stream, TrueView In-display, TrueView In-search and TrueView In-slate. If done properly, video advertising on YouTube can be very effective. However, if not properly produced, targeted or presented, your video advertising campaign will likely fail.



Google Adwords for video & local TV ads

Small to mid-sized businesses spend around $20 BILLION on local TV advertising in the U.S. every year and Google wants a piece of that billion dollar pie! Unlike traditional TV advertising, Google’s new premium video ad platform only charges advertisers when the video is actually viewed and not based off of an erroneous estimated number of viewers. So instead of paying more for TV ad spots during programs, shows, or movies that are “supposed” to have more viewers, you only pay for views.

Conclusion-More than just video

Google is on the move. Google is combining search display and now video adverting that will reach a whopping 89% of of the online population! Some of Google’s ideas are better than others and I think it is safe to say that Google will never stop trying to make the internet world a better place. Although Google+ is taking a bit longer to take hold than they previously anticipated, YouTube has exploded! It is my personal belief that more and more people will turn to videos for their news, advice, education and everything else. For more information about advertising on YouTube or social media marketing campaign management, feel free to contact us at any time.

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