JetBlue to Plant 83,000 Trees

Earth Day Portland Web Design-Total Market ExposureJetBlue to Plant 1 Tree Per-Customer!

Earth Day has always been a time to celebrate our beautiful planet by doing something special for the environment. As Oregonians, the Total Market Exposure team would like to applaud JetBlue for their pledge to plant 83,000 trees in honor of their customers that fly on Earth Day 2012. The 83,000 trees equates to one tree for every customer that is flying JetBlue airlines on Earth Day 2012. Our saying in Oregon is “Keep Oregon Green” and it is nice to know that others are doing their part to help the environment.

Where will the trees be planted?

JetBlue will be planting the trees in municipalities in North and Northwest Haiti through August 2012. The trees that JetBlue is planting will help to rebuild areas devastated by the earthquake that occurred in 2010. Additional areas include the municipalities of Arcahaie, Cabaret, and Montrouis. JetBlue has also called upon the community to volunteer alongside crew members to plant approximately 100 trees in Long Island City, Queens. This is part of the 5th Annual “One Thing That’s Green” program, which is part of the “Color NYC Green.” All New Yorkers that are interested in planting trees on Earth Day are asked to register in advance by clicking here.

JetBlue Airways 2012 Earth Day Tree Planting

We are making a difference everyday!

As an internet marketing company in Portland, Oregon, we are striving to make a positive impact on our environment everyday. One of the things that our online ad agency does to help the environment is to use renewable wind power energy to host many of our websites. These high-efficiency servers use approximately 60% less energy per server for operating and cooling. Recent EPA studies showing data centers consume over 3% of all energy produced in the United States, it’s time other internet marketing companies use sustainable business practices and switch renewable energy too! Total energy consumption must be reduced and we are doing our part in assisting in this vital task. Although the United States is already a world leader in renewable wind energy production, we still need to create energy efficiency awareness.

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