Top 10 Social Networking Sites

Top 10 Social Networking WebsitesSocial networking is an integral part of reaching new and previous visitors to your website. Social networking is the easiest and fastest way to get information in front of large groups of people at a time. There are a number of unique social networking sites available. Here’s a list of the top 10 social networking sites.

  1. Facebook – Users create a profile and add friends in order to view their posts, pictures and likes. Users can put links, status updates and business pages right in front of all of their friends. Has over one billion active users.
  2. Twitter – Twitter is a social networking site that allows users to submit “tweets” of up to 140 characters long. These “tweets” are immediately placed in front of anyone following them. Has over 500 millions registered users.
  3. LinkedIn – A social networking site aimed at people in professional applications. Allows users to target others in similar occupations for business networking purposes. Has over 200 million users.
  4. Pinterest – A pinboard style photo sharing website which allows users to create and manage image collections based on the chosen theme. Users can browse other pinboards and re-pin images they like. Receives 85.5 Million unique visits per month.
  5. MySpace – A social networking website which allows users to connect with friends. Users can post status updates, share links and connect based on similar interests. Receives around 25 million unique visits per month.
  6. Google+ – A unique social networking and identity service created by Google. Allows users to connect, share information and links with friends, and lets them rate content and websites. Allows users to connect with other aspects of Google Services. Has over 500 million registered users.
  7. DeviantArt – An online community which allows users to showcase their artwork. Users can then connect in groups, share portfolios and interact with each other. Has over 14.5 million members and receives around 140,000 submissions per day.
  8. LiveJournal – A social networking websites which allows users to keep a blog, journal or diary. The service has become increasingly popular for political commentary. Receives over 20 million visitors monthly.
  9. Tagged – A social “discovery” website which allows members to browse the profiles of other members, play games and share tags. Reports over 100 millions users.
  10. CafeMom – A social networking site specifically targeted towards mothers. The most trafficked website for women, receiving over 8 million unique visits per month.


There are many different ways to utilize these social networks for businesses. Simply creating a profile is often not nearly enough. You must incorporate the social networks into your website and participate on them in order to reap the benefits of them. There are growing trends in the world that show more and more people using social media as a means of communication online. Many companies thrive from word of mouth marketing. Social networking websites are modern, online social word of mouth. Give us a call or contact us via email to find out how we can help your business utilize the top 10 social networking websites listed above in your businesses marketing & advertising campaign.